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    Urgo SOS Cuts is a self-adhesive band indicated to stop bleeding from wounds and superficial cuts. There are many situations, whether in the kitchen, in the garden, or doing small repairs at home, in which it is common to suffer cuts and we need a quick solution to stop the bleeding.

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    These dressings help to protect wounds caused by surgical interventions or accidents that tear the surface layer of the skin, eliminating any risk of contamination. They are made of non-woven polyurethane, synthetic rubber adhesive and an absorbent gauze that protects not only against dust and pathogens but also against sun and water.

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    It is a product that offers security because even submerged in water, it remains fixed to the skin and this is thanks to its waterproof and adhesive material, it also has a polyethylene mesh that does not allow the central gauze to adhere to the wound causing further damage. It has rounded edges that prevent the dressing from moving, providing greater...

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    Cinfa physiological saline solution is indicated for nasal decongestion, nasal and ocular hygiene and hydration, washing wounds and hygiene of delicate skin such as that of babies or adults. It contains purified water and salt (sodium chloride) and is sterile. It is a non-aggressive and natural solution for various recurring situations.

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    This is a continuous strip with sterile gauze, 75 cm long x 8 cm wide, which can be cut to the required size. The dressing has been made of an elastic material, so that it will fold or extend as the patient moves and without detaching. This adhesive dressing is made of non-woven polyester. It is a hypoallergenic and breathable material, which will help...

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    Strong and resistant adhesive to fix dressings and bandages Strong and resistant adhesive to fix dressings and bandages Many times, in our medicine cabinet, we have the most important products to heal and treat wounds and we forget the most essential, the adhesive tape. Without it, fixing the dressings to your skin will be impossible, and therefore, there...

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    It is common to suffer minor injuries in the course of our daily activities, such as cuts, burns or grazes. It is very important to cover them well to protect them from external pathogens. Dermomed Fix tape helps to fix dressings, cannulas, catheters and bandages with its elastic, hypoallergenic and highly adaptable non-woven fabric that allows the skin...

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