• Amuchina Gel Xgerm Antiseptic Hand Gel 500Ml
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    Out of stock

    Antiseptic disinfectant gel for hand cleaning without rinsing. Especially active against viruses (influenza, HIV, HBV, HCV), fungi, Gram + and Gram- bacteria (including candida albicans, mycobacterium tubercolosis, staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli). Rapidly absorbed and light in texture. Formulated (per 100mg) with 96% ethanol, excipients and...

  • Alcohol 96º Kern Pharma 250Ml
    1,23 € In Stock

    Kern Pharma 96º Alcohol is a high quality product with a concentration of 96% ethanol. Ideal for external use in disinfection and cleaning, this alcohol is available in a handy 250ml size for everyday use. Kern Pharma strives to provide effective and safe healthcare solutions, and their 96º Alcohol is no exception. Get the disinfection and cleaning you...

  • Dderma Sanity Alcohol 1 Litre
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    Out of stock

    Fast and effective disinfectant with high bactericidal, antiseptic and fungicidal properties.

  • Kern Pharma Alcohol 70º 250 Ml
    1,17 € In Stock

    Antiseptic for healthy skin. Disinfects the skin for any type of intervention Bactericidal. Not effective against spores.

  • Kern Pharma Rosemary Alcohol 250 Ml
    2,13 € In Stock

    Kern Pharma rosemary alcohol is a natural solution for muscle and joint pain. Its formula based on alcohol and rosemary extract has an antiseptic, disinfectant, refreshing, soothing and emollient effect, which with a gentle massage will quickly relieve the affected area. According to its traditional use, it is indicated as an adjuvant in the treatment of...

  • Alcohol 96º Montplet Dderma 250 Ml
    1,63 € In Stock

    Es un antisético para la piel sana, reforzado con cloruro de benzalconio. Está indicado para piel sana. Bactericida. No es eficaz frente a esporas.  No apto para uso de boca.

  • Sesderma Lactyferrin Kids Sensitive Skin 190Ml
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    Out of stock

    Hand sanitizing gel for children that keeps hands clean, as well as caring for and moisturizing them without causing dryness or irritation. DISPENSER FORMAT

  • Vichy Hydroalcoholic Gel 200Ml
    4,90 € In Stock

    Vichy Gel Hydroalcoholic is a hand gel designed for optimal hand hygiene. One of the main characteristics of this product is that it provides extra moisture to your hands and prevents them from cracking or any kind of discomfort.

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