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Somatoline Cosmetic provides advanced slimming treatments to sculpt the body and reduce localized fat.

Somatoline Cosmetic leads the slimming treatment market with a range of scientifically formulated products to deliver visible results in fat reduction and body sculpting. Using innovative active ingredients, Somatoline Cosmetic effectively works to decrease localized fat and improve skin firmness. The products are tailored to meet the specific needs of both men and women, ensuring a visible reduction in centimeters from the first applications. Recommended by experts, these treatments combine the efficacy of their formulas with simple application routines, allowing users to achieve practical and efficient slimming and body reshaping results.

  • Somatoline Belly & Hips Warming Cream 250Ml
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    Somatoline Belly and Hips Cream Heat Effect is a slimming treatment inspired by aesthetic cryotherapy, which helps reduce localised fat on the belly and hips, improving skin elasticity to achieve a lifting effect. Its cream texture with thermoactive effect is pleasant to the touch.

  • Somatoline Draining Bandages 2 Bandages
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    Somatoline Slimming Bandages 2 units Somatoline Cosmetic Slimming Bandages contains two bandages soaked in a draining solution and "sauna effect" trousers. An innovative and proven from the first use to reduce cellulite and localised fat while treating circulatory problems and fluid retention. Improves the appearance of the skin leaving it hydrated, toned...

  • Somatoline Draining Bandage Refills
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    Somatoline Cosmetic draining leg wraps refill. Helps to reduce the circumference of the legs. 6 Sachets (3 Treatments)

  • Somatoline Men Waist and Abdomen Intensive Night 2x250Ml
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    Reshapes the waist and abdomen area in men. Reduces localised fat. Cream with a light texture that is quickly absorbed. Formula is 4 times more concentrated in selected active ingredients.

  • Somatoline Natural Reducer 7 Nights Sensitive Skin 400Ml
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    Somatoline Cosmetic Reductor 7 Nights Natural: the 1st night reducer with maximum effectiveness with 95% of natural active ingredients, ideal for sensitive skin. Cream-gel texture with no thermal effect on the skin.

  • Somatoline Reducer Pink Salt Scrub 350G
    8,42 € 9,90 € In Stock

    Exfoliates and prepares the skin for a slimming treatment. Somatoline cosmetic intended to smooth the skin and prepare it before applying a slimming treatment. It consists of ingredients, all of 100% natural origin, which ensure its exfoliation and softening, while protecting it from damage related to oxidation.

  • Somatoline Cellulite Thermoactive Cream 250Ml
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    Fight cellulite with Somatoline Cosmetic Cellulite Thermoactive Cream. Its thermoactive formula with Caffeine, Ginger and Escin reactivates microcirculation for smoother, firmer skin. Use daily with a healthy diet and exercise for best results.

  • Somatoline Anticellulite Cryoactive Gel 250Ml
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    Cryo-active Anti-Cellulite Gel is a treatment specifically formulated to combat all signs of cellulite (nodules, orange peel skin and fluid retention) with proven results in just 2 weeks.

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