Eye cleaning 

  • Brill Parpafresh 6 Wipes
    4,89 € In Stock

    Brill Parpafresh 6 Wipes – Periocular cleansing and disinfecting wipes. Infused with Aloe and Mallow extracts for a refreshing and softening effect. Ideal for eyelids, lashes, and the eyelid margin.

  • Care+ Ophthalmic Wipes Silver 30 Units
    11,88 € In Stock

    Ophthalmic wipes with silver technology are designed for comprehensive hygiene of the eyelids, eyelashes and eyelid margin, especially in cases of blepharitis, swelling and persistent secretions. They are impregnated with a cleansing lotion that deeply removes impurities without irritating the eyes or damaging the skin. Colloidal silver acts as an...

  • Visilaude Eye Hygiene Wipes 16 pieces
    4,33 € 4,56 € In Stock

    Cumlaude Eye Hygiene Wipes 16 units Sterile, decongestive and soothing wipes for daily hygiene care of the eyelids and eyelashes, they help to remove eye lint and/or flakes, preventing superinfection in both adults and children. Stye. Bacterial, viral and allergic conjunctivitis. Seborrhoeic, bacterial and mixed blepharitis. In aesthetics, after...

  • Care+ Sterile Ophthalmic Wipes 30 pcs.
    7,15 € In Stock

    Sterile wipes for cleaning the eyelids, eyelashes and eyelid margin. Cleanses impurities, crusts and make-up from the eyelids and skin without irritating the eyes. Effectively cleanses while moisturising and regenerating the epidermis, thanks to its aloe vera and calendula content. It also has a soothing effect due to the presence of chamomile and...

  • Optiben Dual Use Wipes 28 Units
    10,02 € In Stock

    Optibén wipes is a cleansing lotion for the comprehensive hygiene of eyelids, eyelashes and eyelid margin, with ingredients that provide moisturising, soothing, refreshing and relaxing properties. It also reduces the greasy, shine-free and non-sticky sensation.

  • Banoftal Eye Bath 190Ml
    5,94 € 6,59 € Out of stock
    Out of stock

    Improve the hygiene and comfort of your eyes, take care of your vision Ophthalmological solution After a long day at the office in front of the computer, you walk home through the smoke of cars, and you wait at the traffic lights next to several people smoking. Every day we expose our eyes to external agents that can damage their natural well-being. Your...

  • Bañoftal Sterile Eye Wipes 20 pieces
    7,33 € Out of stock
    Out of stock

    Ophthalmic wipes for daily hygiene and care of eyelashes, eyelids and eyelid margin. They have a great capacity to drag impurities and particles deposited on eyelids and eyelashes, thanks to the quality of their fabric, which is highly resistant and soft, and the high impregnation of the formula, which favours the elimination of excess desquamation,...

  • Plastic Ocular Bathtub Joya
    1,17 € In Stock

    Plastic Jewel Ocular Bathtub

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