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    Gentle nail polish remover for your nails thanks to its formula with aloe vera extract and without acetone Effectively removes nail polish without acetone When caring for your nails, the before and after process is just as important. It is therefore essential that during the manicure, when polishing your nails, you use a product that is suitable for them...

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    Unglax Anti-stretch marks for striated and yellowed nails 10 ml is a product indicated to improve the appearance of our nails and disguise the passage of time. Over the years our nails begin to turn yellow and striated. This also happens when we wear them continuously painted or use false nails. This product is a smoothing nail polish that helps us to...

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    Unglax Vitaliser is a revitalising nail polish for flaky, weak, slow-growing nails with deficiencies in thickness and texture. Thanks to its formula with calcium, it activates the natural growth of a healthy nail while moisturising and regenerating. Helps prevent nails from bending and splitting. 

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    Mordex Plus Bitter Transparent Enamel With Brush 9Ml

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    It allows you to adapt the cut to the natural shape of the nail It allows you to adapt the cut to the natural shape of the nail To have hands as beautiful as possible it is necessary to perform a correct manicure, so that the nails bring that extra beauty. 

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    Curved tip scissors and chromed steel Beter curved tip scissors and chromed steel nail scissors 9,2cm are specific scissors to cut the fingernails. A must for your manicure!

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    Nail clippers designed to cut both fingernails and toenails easily and comfortably.

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