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Digestive disorders 

  • 4,27 € In Stock

    Digestive complement Do you have problems with digestion? Vilardell Digest Bilax Tablets will help you quickly and effectively regulate your intestinal transit. Its double action helps the growth of the intestinal microflora, promoting its functioning.

  • 4,83 € In Stock

    Food complement that helps a good digestion (peppermint, camomile) avoiding flatulence (fennel).

  • 25,50 € In Stock

    DAOfood is a food for special medical uses that is used in the dietary treatment of the deficit of the enzyme Diamine Oxidase.

  • 5,54 € Out of stock
    Out of stock

    Achillea Lax Constipation Enemas Achillea 15 minutes and bye-bye to constipation! Yarrow Lax Enemas, with its triple action, frees the intestine with its evacuating activity, protects the rectal mucosa from irritation thanks to its lubricating action and calms the intestine with the emollient action of chamomile and mallow.

  • 6,48 € In Stock

    Aquilea Digestive is a food supplement based on papaya, digestive enzymes and fennel, with a mint flavour. Aquilea Digestive is a food supplement based on papaya, digestive enzymes and fennel, with a mint flavour. The Aquilea Digestive food supplement is a treatment, based on papaya, digestive enzymes and fennel, three ingredients known for their ability...

  • 10,60 € In Stock

    New ProFaes4 Woman with Lab4 probiotics, Lactobacillus gasseri, Cranberry (Pacran®) and Vitamins B6 and C. Vit.B6 and Vit.C contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

  • 8,37 € In Stock

    Almond complement in two-layer tablets, which promotes intestinal regularity and maintenance of the mucosa. It helps to avoid occasional constipation. Format of 60 tablets.

  • 6,01 € In Stock

    Fuca Regularity, in a specially formulated bi-layer tablet made from a unique combination of natural active ingredients such as Aloe, Frangula and Rock Algae (Ascophyllym nodosum), which contributes to the normal functioning of the intestinal transit. It also contains Biotin which contributes to the maintenance of the mucous membranes, such as the...

  • 14,56 € In Stock

    Vilardell Digest Probilac is a food supplement with beneficial effects on intestinal function and on restoring normal intestinal microbiota, both in the short term and in the long term. Rapidly dissolves without water.

  • 11,20 € In Stock

    Prodefen is a food supplement containing fructooligosaccharides (also known as prebiotics) and 7 strains of microorganisms (probiotics), which naturally live in the digestive system. Prodefen includes the specific strain for children called Bifidobacterium Infantis, which is commonly found in the intestinal tract of children.

  • 27,61 € In Stock

    Solgar Multi-Billion Dophilus Advanced is a non-dairy formulation containing 4 specially grown LA-5®, BB-12®, L.CASEI 431® and LGG® strains. This advanced Mult-ibillium dophilus complex provides 5,000 million microorganisms, 1,250 million of each strain.

  • 6,51 € In Stock

    Aquilea Antacid 24 tablets is a health product that serves to relieve heartburn and reflux.

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