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  • Blephaderm Soothing Cream for Eyelids and Eye Contour 40Ml
    16,40 € In Stock

    Blephaderm Soothing Cream for Eyelids and Eye Contour relieves and hydrates sensitive, dry, and irritated skin, providing specialized care without preservatives.

  • Zalispray 1 Spray 10 Ml
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    Zalispray thanks to the PER-LIP complex (liposome 4% + perilla seed extract 0.5%) and sodium hyaluronate relieves itching, dryness, irritation and redness of the eyes. Preservative-free product, the absence of preservatives protects eye tissues and does not cause reactions in users who are sensitive to preservatives.

  • Thealoz Duo 10Ml
    13,16 € 14,95 € In Stock
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    THEALOZ DUO is indicated in case of discomfort, itching or irritation of the eye. Such symptoms may be caused by external factors such as wind, smoke, pollution, dust, exposure to sunny or cold weather conditions, heating, air conditioning, air travel, continued work in front of a computer screen.

  • Thealoz Trehalose 3% Eye Drops Dry Eye 10 Ml
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    Thealoz Trehalose 3% Eye Drops Dry Eye 10 Ml, is a new concept in Dry Eye management that comes from nature. It has a novel mode of action which may enable trehalose to address different causes of dryness.

  • Hyluprotect Hyaluronate Sodium 0.1% Eye Drops 10 Ml
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    Hyluprotect Hyaluronate Sodium 0.1% 10 Ml, to moisturize and lubricate the eye. To relieve feelings of dryness and irritation caused by benign environmental stressors.

  • Lephanet 30 +12 wet wipes
    13,50 € In Stock

    Lephanet wipes have a highly tolerant micellar lotion tested under dermatological, paediatric and ophthalmological control. They are indicated for cleaning make-up, impurities and scabs on the eyelids and skin without irritating the eyes or attacking the upper layers of the epidermis. Single-use wipes. Without preservatives. No rinsing.

  • Retilut 60 Capsules
    28,95 € In Stock

    RETILUT has been designed to supplement the daily requirement of essential fatty acids of the omega-3 family and the group of vitamins, trace elements, carotenoids and polyphenols of the olive and grape. The sufficient contribution of DHA and zinc through the diet, complementing it when necessary, favors the visual function.

  • Hyabak 0.15% Moisturizing Solution 10 Ml
    9,31 € 9,90 € In Stock
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    Hyabak is an eye moisturizing solution formulated with hyaluronic acid at 0.15p hypotonic acid that has a high tolerance and provides prolonged hydration and lubrication to eyes that suffer from dryness. In its formulation does not contain preservatives or phosphates so it preserves the integrity of the ocular surface. It also adds Actinoquinol which...

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