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  • Parogencyl Gingival Intensive Action Mouthwash 500Ml
    5,43 € In Stock

    Combats tooth sensitivity and bleeding gums. Permethol and Provitamin B5 help mitigate symptoms and strengthen oral health. Deep cleanses the mouth.

  • Parogencyl Gum Control Toothpaste 125Ml + Mouthwash 500Ml
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    Out of stock

    Reduces gingivitis in about a week. The toothpaste limits occasional bleeding gums and gingival inflammation. In addition, its antiseptic action reduces bacterial plaque. It contains Zinc mineral which, thanks to its antibacterial action, limits plaque build-up and helps prevent gingival inflammation. The accompanying mouthwash has been created as an...

  • Parogencyl Gum Control Mouthwash 500 Ml
    4,69 € In Stock

    Parogencyl Mouthwash 500ml Ideal complement to proper tooth brushing, as its formula helps to reduce gingival sensitivity and bleeding gums. Parogencyl Control is a daily use mouthwash that helps in the treatment and prevention of gingivitis.

  • Parogencyl Forte Toothpaste 75 Ml
    4,13 € In Stock

    Parogencyl Forte Toothpaste Toothpaste indicated for the reduction of infectious problems in the oral cavity that effectively reduces bleeding and inflammation of the gums. Thanks to the presence of Chlorhexidine in its composition, it is an ideal toothpaste for the control of bacterial plaque. It reduces inflammation of gums damaged by gingivitis,...

  • Parogencyl Gum Control Mouthwash 2x500Ml Duplo
    10,09 € In Stock

    Parogencyl Control mouthwash is a mouthwash that allows a comprehensive cleaning of the mouth, as it reaches places where the toothbrush cannot reach. It is a gum-friendly product, as it is specially designed for sensitive gums or gingivitis. With Permethol and Provitamins B5 to reduce bleeding and increase gum strength.

  • Parogencyl Control Toothpaste 2x125Ml
    7,44 € In Stock

    Pack composed of 2 pastes Parogencyl Control Gums that help the treatment and prevention of gingivitis.

  • Parogencyl Control Toothpaste 125Ml
    4,09 € In Stock

    Thanks to its formula rich in an oral antiseptic (CPC) and permethol, its action is effective against gingivitis as it strengthens the blood capillaries of the gums. In addition, the presence of fluoride in its composition makes this toothpaste an ally in the prevention of caries and the elimination of plaque and tartar.

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