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    Local symptomatic treatment of superficial venous disorders such as heaviness and tightness in legs with varicose veins in adults and superficial haematoma caused by bruises in adults and children over 1 year of age.

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    Prophylaxis of dental caries. Desensitising of exposed and sensitive tooth necks.

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    Lacer Strawberry flavoured Junior Dental Gel has an anti-caries action, reinforced by the addition of calcium, which has a remineralising effect on tooth enamel. This combined action of fluoride and calcium protects the enamel, reinforces its structure and prevents the wear and tear suffered in the presence of acids formed after the ingestion of sugars...

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    Lacer Gel for Children respects children's enamel and has a strawberry flavour that will make them enjoy brushing their teeth. Its composition includes optimal levels of fluoride, which ensure total protection against the appearance of caries. The calcium content favours the action of fluoride, while strengthening tooth enamel. Preservative free.

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    Lacer Blanc D-Citrus toothpaste works to restore the natural white colour of teeth, removing stains from tooth enamel caused by coffee, wine, tobacco and other foods.

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    Antimicrobial efficacy due to Triclosan + zinc chloride. Long-lasting inhibition of bacterial activity. Reduces inflammation of gingival tissues, preventing the appearance of gingivitis and gingival bleeding. Gingival protection thanks to zinc chloride. Reduces gingival bleeding and reduces inflammation. Vitamin E + provitamin B5. Strengthens the gums...

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    It provides an optimal dose of fluoride (1,500 ppm), which is the most suitable for children and young people, who are at the age of highest incidence of dental caries. The anticaries action is enhanced by the addition of calcium, which has a remineralising effect on tooth enamel. Fluoride plus calcium protect the enamel, reinforcing its structure,...

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