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  • 3,16 € In Stock

    It provides an optimal dose of fluoride (1,500 ppm), which is the most suitable for children and young people, who are at the age of highest incidence of dental caries. The anticaries action is enhanced by the addition of calcium, which has a remineralising effect on tooth enamel. Fluoride plus calcium protect the enamel, reinforcing its structure,...

  • 5,95 € In Stock

    Lacer Blanc Menta Mouthwash is a mouthwash that has a whitening and preventive system that restores the brightness of the enamel and prevents the appearance and accumulation of bacterial plaque, caries and protects against tooth sensitivity and gums. Lacer Blanc Menta Mouthwash conceals and helps eliminate dental stains caused by tobacco or coloured foods...

  • 7,66 € In Stock

    Mouthwash to assist in the treatment of gingivitis. Antiseptic effect. Fast and long-lasting action.

  • 6,90 € In Stock

    XeroLacer is a mouthwash for daily use that has been specially designed to care for dry mouth (xerostomia). Its complete formula relieves the sensation of dry mouth, refreshes the mouth, remineralizes tooth enamel and strengthens gums while preventing the onset of oral disorders caused by reduced saliva.

  • 3,09 € In Stock

    Lacer Children's Toothpaste Gel provides a dose of fluoride (500 ppm) that is especially recommended for taking care of the oral health of children between 2 and 6 years of age. In addition to strengthening the enamel of baby teeth, it prevents dental caries thanks to its fluoride and calcium formula that acts as a protective shield against caries.

  • 6,51 € In Stock

    The use of Xerolacer Toothpaste alleviates dry mouth problems. Dry mouth is characterized by the reduced production of saliva. This phenomenon can cause other derived conditions like gums bleeding, halitosis, gums inflammation, and an increase in the risk of caries. This dryness can be caused by stress, the consumption of certain medications and some...

  • 27,09 € In Stock

    Pilexil Forte Anticaida 120 Capsules is a food supplement indicated for both men and women who want to stop hair loss. It is composed of Biotin and Zinc, which help to maintain the hair in normal conditions; Serenoa, serrulata and L-Cystine, an amino acid that forms part of the structure of the nails and hair. Also, it includes Vitamin E, to protect cells...

  • 3,15 € In Stock

    Toothbrush with natural bamboo handle, antibacterial and 100% biodegradable. ECO filaments of vegetable origin.

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