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  • 15,01 € 18,77 € In Stock
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    Cumlaude Gineseda Duplo 2 x 10 vaginal ovuli are specially designed for women who suffer from vaginal dryness as a result of menopause. They help lubricate the intimate area and relieve skin irritation.

  • 7,75 € 9,69 € In Stock
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    Cumlaude Lubripiu Intimate Dryness Cream is designed for feminine intimate hygiene and has hypoallergenic characteristics. Its use is recommended because it avoids greater discomfort in such a delicate area as the vagina, as well as keeping it hydrated. It is indicated for the treatment of dryness of the external part of the vagina caused by premenstrual...

  • 9,53 € 11,92 € In Stock
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    Due to hormonal changes or aging, we may notice a decrease in the natural hydration and lubrication of our intimate areas. Due to vaginal dryness, discomfort can occur which makes sexual intercourse difficult and painful. Cumlaude ginesens is a gel specifically designed to improve a woman's libido.

  • 7,52 € 9,40 € In Stock
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    Cumlaude Cranbioma 30 Capsules A food supplement that helps prevent and treat cystitis as an aid to treatment with antibiotics. With anti-recurrence efficacy. Cystitis is a fairly recurrent infection in women, which is why this cranberry-based supplement helps reduce the adhesion of bacteria to the mucosa. It promotes a healthy urogenital and intestinal...

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    Its formulation is pH neutral, SOAP free and is tested to reduce skin hypersensitivity and contact dermatitis. It is also enriched with Mallow, Peony, Calendula and Lime Tree Extracts, which give it soothing, softening, refreshing and emollient properties that help to relieve the symptoms of vulvovaginitis.

  • 13,16 € 16,46 € In Stock
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    Pack of 2 units Cumlaude Deligyn 500ml Intimate Hygiene, Delicate cleansing gel pH neutral, specific for daily hygiene of genital mucous membranes that present itching, redness, stinging or phenomena of hypersensitivity.

  • 12,48 € 15,60 € Out of stock
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    Out of stock

    Vaginal internal moisturizing gel-cream. Indicated for women who present dryness of the internal genital mucosa due to hormonal changes, menopause, the use of tampons, periods of stress, pharmacological treatments, etc..

  • 7,74 € 9,68 € In Stock
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    Cumlaude Intimate Hygiene Cum Lubripiu 200 ml Cumlaude Lab Intimate hygiene indicated in cases of vulvar dryness caused by hormonal changes, stress, contraceptives, treatments, etc. Hygiene soap free. 

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