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Compeed delivers advanced solutions for blisters and wounds, providing quick relief and lasting protection for affected skin.

Compeed, a leader in skin care, specializes in creating advanced products for the treatment of blisters, wounds, and other skin issues caused by friction and pressure. Utilizing hydrocolloid technology, Compeed produces dressings that act as a second skin, protecting the affected areas while fostering an optimal environment for quick healing. From everyday activities to intense sports, Compeed offers a range of solutions tailored to fit different parts of the body, ensuring comfort and effectiveness. Experience the invisible protection and support Compeed provides to keep your skin healthy and pain-free.

  • Compeed Anti-Spot Patch Discreet Triple Action 15 Units
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    Compeed Anti-Spots Patch: Absorbs excess oils, discreet under makeup, speeds up healing, and protects against impurities.

  • Compeed Compeed Anti-Spot Patch Triple Action Cleaner 7 Units
    8,71 € In Stock

    Compeed Anti-Pimple Patch Cleaner: hydrocolloid technology, cleans, absorbs and exfoliates for radiant skin.

  • Compeed Blisters Extreme 10 Units Pack Savings
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    Compeed Extreme Blisters are Compeed blister dressings with advanced hydrocolloid technology for instant pain relief and faster healing. They provide 20% more reinforced cushioning than Compeed blisters in general, thanks to their honeycomb structure.

  • Compeed Blisters Assortment 3 Sizes 10 Units Pack Savings
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    Assortment of compeed blister dressings in different sizes for use on different parts of the foot. The pack includes 2 medium sized dressings, 2 small blisters and a toe pad.

  • Compeed Blisters Size Medium 10 Units Pack Savings
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    Hydrocolloid dressing developed to help protect foot blisters and create an optimal healing environment. Provides reinforced cushioning to help relieve irritation caused by footwear or physical activity. Helps absorb excess fluid and prevent skin maceration. With technology that favours the permanence of the protection for a longer period of time on the...

  • Compeed Blisters Plasters Medium 10 pieces
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    Blister protection with hydrocolloid material that acts like a second skin. It relieves pain and pressure, protects against chafing, thus preventing pain and friction, aids healing, is water resistant and remains in place for several days.

  • Compeed Blisters Underfoot Plasters 5U
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    Compeed Blisters Underfoot Plasters 5U, acts like an extra layer of protective skin, allowing skin to breathe and repels water whilst protecting the injury from dirt and bacteria. It is used for the gentle and effective treatment for painful blisters.

  • Compeed Blisters Assorted 5U
    5,97 € Out of stock
    Out of stock

    Compeed Blisters are not your ordinary wound dressings. Its advanced hydrocolloid technology acts like a second skin, forming a protective gel that instantly relieves pain and prevents friction, while creating an optimal environment for rapid healing.Instant blister pain relief Protects against pressure and chafing Rapid wound healing Water resistant...

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