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  • Bexident Daily Use Gums Triclosan Mouthwash 500 Ml
    9,38 € 9,87 € In Stock

    Bexident Gingival Mouthwash Triclosan 500 ml is an Isdin brand mouthwash, designed for oral hygiene and gum care. It helps prevent gingivitis and promotes healthy gums.

  • Bexident Anticaries Mouthwash 2x500Ml Duplo
    8,41 € 8,86 € Out of stock
    Out of stock

    Bexident Anticaries Mouthwash is a mouthwash for daily use, for the whole family; with triple anticaries action: Antiseptic. Antiplaque. Remineralising.

  • Bexident Whitening Toothpaste 125Ml
    6,84 € 7,20 € In Stock

    Restore the natural white of your teeth effectively with Bexident Whitening Toothpaste, which thanks to its innovative Pro-Whitening Tech technology whitens and removes stains from tooth enamel without damaging it.

  • Bexident Aftas Spray Protector Bucal 15Ml
    9,77 € 10,29 € In Stock

    Bexident AFTAS with its Advanced Hyalurofilm Tech technology provides 5 actions. It creates a film that relieves pain and protects against external agents. Moisturises damaged tissues, facilitating the natural healing process. Provides fast and lasting pain relief from the first application.

  • Bexident Aftas Protective Mouthwash 120Ml
    10,66 € 11,22 € Out of stock
    Out of stock

    Bexident Aftas Bucales helps to treat localised canker sores, creating a film that relieves pain, protecting the canker sore against external agents, moisturises damaged tissues and facilitates healing. It provides fast and lasting pain relief from the first application.

  • Bexident Anticaries 2X125Ml Savings Pack
    6,09 € 6,41 € Out of stock
    Out of stock

    Toothpaste indicated for daily care, cleaning and protection. Formulated with natural products, it has antiseptic properties and a pleasant taste. Bexident Duplo is a toothpaste specially developed to provide powerful anti-caries protection.

  • Bexident Mouthwash Gums Daily Use 2X500Ml Saving Pack
    14,82 € 15,60 € In Stock

    Innovative rinse that due to its ability to adhere to the gum allows to effectively control and prevent bacterial plaque and dental caries. Due to its content in dexpanthenol and allantoin, with soothing and regenerating properties, it helps to reduce the inflammation of gums damaged by gingivitis, keeping them in good condition. Indicated for oral-dental...

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