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  • Recudrop Ophthalmic Solution 10 Ml
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    Recudrop Ophthalmic Solution is an eye drop designed to provide intensive hydration and promote regeneration of the protective barrier of the ocular surface. It is formulated to relieve the symptoms of moderate and severe dry eye syndrome, as well as to accelerate the regeneration of the surface structures of the eye after ocular surgery.

  • Artelac Complete Multidose 10 Ml
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    Artelac Complete 10 ml Multidose is an ophthalmic solution that provides long-lasting relief for dry, tired eyes. This solution is specially formulated to moisturise, lubricate and protect the eyes, helping to reduce dryness and irritation.

  • Vidisan Allergy With Ectoin Multidose Eye Drops 10 Ml
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    Vidisan allergy eye drops with Entoin is an effective treatment to relieve eye allergy symptoms. This eye drop contains Entoin, an antihistamine agent that helps to reduce inflammation and irritation in the eyes. Vidisan allergy with Entoin is an ophthalmic solution that is applied directly to the eyes to provide fast and long-lasting relief from itching,...

  • Lipolac Night Gel 10G
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    Lipolac® Night soothes and moisturises the eyes, while locking in moisture for long-lasting relief. Ideal for those who suffer from various symptoms of dry eyes, such as tired, overloaded, gritty, itchy or watery eyes.

  • Optifree Express 355Ml
    8,99 € In Stock

    Disinfects, gets rid of lipids and dissolves proteins, soothes and refreshes the eyes quickly, due to the symptoms of dry eye syndrome. For all types of soft contact lenses, it provides greater comfort and less blurred vision and you can clean them in the same case, no need to rub.

  • Lipolasic/Lipolac Ophthalmic Gel 10G
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    Lipolasic is a highly viscous gel that forms a protective layer over the eye and keeps its surface moist, is easy and comfortable to use, and is especially appropriate for the symptomatic treatment of severe dry eye.

  • Artelac Splash Multidosis 10 Ml
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    Expiration 05/2024 Artelac Splash Multidosis 10 Ml

  • Preservision 3 180 Capsules
    41,14 € 43,31 € In Stock
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    Expiry date 08/2025 Preservision 3 180 Capsules is a nutritional supplement that helps to optimise the maintenance of normal vision. It contains Omega 3 with a high DHA content. Vitamins E, C, Zinc, Lutein and Zeaxanthin of great antioxidant power.PreserVision 3 contains Omega 3 fatty acids 600mg of which 360mg are DHA, from fish oil. Vitamin E, Vitamin...

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