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  • 7,88 € In Stock

    Vitis CPC Protect Mouthwash mint flavour 500 ML is a mouthwash that helps reduce dental plaque (biofilm), offering active oral protection thanks to its high concentration of Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC). In addition, this mouthwash is manufactured in a container that improves its recyclability.

  • 3,85 € In Stock

    VITIS CPC protect provides daily care and active oral protection for optimal health. It helps prevent the formation of dental plaque and reduce its accumulation and the prevention of dental caries. Contains CPC 0.14% and sodium fluoride (1450ppm fluoride ion). Composition Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC). Anti-plaque ingredient for daily use that helps...

  • 4,42 € In Stock

    VITIS CPC Protect Spray VITIS CPC protect oral spray helps in daily care and active oral protection for optimal health. It contains CPC 0.07% as well as PVP and hydroxyethylcellulose, mucoadhesive polymers that form a film that helps the active ingredients to be retained longer on the surface of the oral mucosa. Directions for use: 2-3 sprays 3-4 times a...

  • 13,00 € In Stock

    Vitis Orthodontic Mouthwash is a mouthwash that helps to care for and prevent frequent orthodontic problems. It reduces the formation of bacterial plaque and protects against rubbing.

  • 10,21 € In Stock

    Vitis Gum Toothpaste 2x150ml + Mouthwash 30Ml

  • 7,49 € In Stock

    VITIS anticaries is the first anti-caries mouthwash that protects and repairs the enamel reaching its interior thanks to the action of the nanoparticles of hydroxyapatite, the natural element of the tooth, which are combined and integrated with the dental enamel. Its formula also incorporates fluoride and xylitol, for superior prevention of dental caries....

  • 13,07 € In Stock

    Vitis Whitening Toothpaste 100ml + mouthwash 500ml

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