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  • 10,12 € In Stock

    It favours and activates the cutaneous microcirculation helping to reduce heaviness and fatigue in the legs, providing a feeling of relief and rest in tired legs, a situation that occurs, for example, when working for many hours standing or sitting in the same position or in the case of pregnancy.

  • 6,64 € In Stock

    Aquilea Kids Appetite is a quina-based syrup,which helps stimulate appetite. It also contains fresh royal jelly and11 vitamins, the contribution of energy and vitality for children. Up to 20-30% of preschoolers can have adeficit in their appetite. Childhood is a stage of maturation in which the body evolves steadily and rapidly towards adulthood. Ensuring...

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    Aquilea Sleep Forte 30 tablets is a food supplement that helps you fall asleep and improves the quality of rest throughout the night. Its three layers are released in a prolonged manner to ensure 8 hours of consecutive sleep without nocturnal awakenings. Suitable for adults with nervousness or insomnia.

  • 10,11 € In Stock

    Aquilea Crono-Energy 30 tablets is a revitalising supplement that helps to activate the body in the morning. It reduces daily fatigue and stimulates physical, mental and emotional well-being. Especially indicated for adults who need extra energy for the day to day.

  • 17,63 € In Stock

    Aquilea Vigor HIM & HER 60 CAPSULES Aquilea Vigor is a 100% natural product made from Andean Maca, a plant traditionally used to improve desire in men and women. Aquilea Vigor helps to improve desire and vitality in both men and women. Directions: Take 2 to 3 capsules a day (men) and 1 to 2 capsules a day (women), preferably with breakfast and/or lunch.

  • 10,32 € In Stock

    Aquilea Vitamin D+ 30 Sublingual Tablets is a food supplement mainly formulated with vitamin D+, indicated for those people who need a reinforcement to maintain their levels of this vitamin at optimal levels. Vitamin D is essential for carrying out numerous functions in the body, it promotes calcium and phosphorus balance and at the same time regulates...

  • 22,03 € In Stock

    Aquilea Immune System 30 Tablets which, due to their excellent composition based on Wellmune B-glucans, Vitamin C and Vitamin D, reinforce our natural defences and participate in the protection of cells against oxidative damage. B-glucans are natural substances present in many organisms that improve our immune response capacity against external agents...

  • 9,60 € In Stock

    An effective vitamin complex that helps to maintain natural defences in cold weather or when the seasons change. Yarrow Vitamin C + Zinc helps us naturally to maintain our natural defences as Vitamin C helps to reduce fatigue and tiredness to cope with everyday life and to protect cells from oxidative damage. It also contains propolis, a natural substance...

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